Thursday, June 23, 2005

Not the Knitting You Know

So my friend Ming (part of the MeetinDC crew) is a fiber artist. Now I know a lot of us consider ourselves "fiber artists" but when I talk about Ming being an artist, I really mean she is. To pay the rent she is an art teacher at an elementary school, but outside of that she is an artist. A lot of her work is crocheted and she has an exhibit on at a gallery space in DC this summer.

She invited me and the MiDC crew to the opening knight party. I have seen Ming's art before and was surprised to see that it had been edited. That's right, the gallery asked her to cover up her nudes because they were too explicit for the lawyers who work in the building. So Ming being the problem solver that she is gave all her people fig leafs to cover their bits. Too funny. The best part of this (and yes there can be a good part to censorship I guess) is that the Post decided to write and article about her work and censorship. Talk about exposure!

The exhibit is small, but there is some really amazing work on display.

For more info on the exhibit:

For the article in the post:


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