Thursday, June 30, 2005

That Love Hate Relationship

I think we have all experienced that love hate relationship with a pattern at some point. For me it seems to more often than not to involve Rowan Patterns. I am always falling in love with their patterns. They look so fun and young. They involve interesting knitting and I love their yarns and colors. And yet, time and time again it seems I fall into the same relationship trap.

Example number one: Seville (Rowan #21)

I knit this back when chenille was all the rage. I liked the blockiness and cropped aspect of the sweater but most of all I liked the lace border.

This was the first time I realized that Rowan patterns are designed for people with no upper body. Look closely at those models. They are all stick figures with no chests at all. Look closer and you will realize that they are all legs and no torso. This means that even though I added 2 inches to the length of this sweater it is still at least 2 inches too short. If I lift my arms up, I am in danger of flashing the world.
Still I call this one a winner and wear it all the time.

Case number 2: Tillie from Rowan #25

I love Tillie. She was so much fun to knit. I love the way the lace in her sleeves is the same pattern made by the chenille in the body. I love the little picot border. She was fun to knit and I always got compliments on her when I wore her. But yup, you guessed it, she is too short. I even added a full repeat to her length.

Back when I knit her she was short. Back then she was wearable though because the waist of pants hit at what is now called the "natural waist" However, these days we wear low-riders which hit about 3" below the natural waist. So she is supper short. That combined with the fact that I have put on a lot of weight since I knit Tillie means she has been relegated to the closet for some time now.

Have I knit any other Rowan patterns? Yes

Were they also too short? Yes

Will I knit more Rowan patterns in the future? Probably. Have I learned my lesson? I would like to think so. But it seems even when I add a lot of length to these sweaters they still come out too short. I think I am just doomed to repeat this bad relationship.


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