Friday, July 29, 2005

Fiber Tour

Ok it wasn’t much of a fiber tour as we only made it to two farms, but it was about a million degrees out and we spent a couple of hours at each place.

Stop #1 Kiparoo Farms Kiparoo Farm Studio
2110-D Pleasant View Road
Adamstown, MD 21710,
301.874.6348 I really like the yarns at Kiparoo and Annie is just a wonderful person to talk to. I had no idea she was one of the founders of MD S&W. Yay Annie, we are all thankful for your ideas and efforts! She also has an amazing life story. I think what impressed me most was that it was about a million degrees out and she was wearing long sleeves and jeans and looked cool and fabulous. I will never understand how people can mange this.

I couldn't resist and bought this lovely merino and mohair stuff to make this great shawl out of. I think the colors will look great with jeans and it will be perfect to throw over my shoulders at work. I won't look as great as Annie does in her jeans, but it'll do.

And a 1 pound grab bag. I just liked the colors a lot. I might try and make a bag out of it. I don't really have enough yarn to properly swatch, so I think I will just wing it and see what happens. I love the colors. Purples with lime green. It spoke to me, what can I say?

Stop #2 Firesong 14576 Monticello Drive
Cooksville, MD 21723
301.854.4848, This was my first trip to Firesong. She warned me that she had been cleaned out at Sheep and Wool and that her home/ studio was under construction. We decided to come anyway. The studio is going to be amazing. Imagine have a huge home designed specifically for spinning, dying, and weaving? She has a room the size of my own kitchen that is just for dying. Crazy. Diane was a real pleasure to talk to. I know nothing about weaving and she is an expert. My aunt bought some wool, but like an idiot I didn't take pictures to share. It was handpainted in some lovely dark blues with some beige thrown in. It is gonna look great. We then went outside to look at the sheep a little. Most of them were hiding out in the shade. Did I mention it was hot? We did get to look at the males though. She has some gorgeous angora sheep in really great colors. One is even kind of red. Very cool. Oh and we got to fondle some kid mohair that Diane had just washed. I don't think I ever felt anything so soft and wonderful in all of my life.

It was a great day, but I think if I ever plan on doing this again I will wait until the spring when all the cute little lambs are around or the spring when they are shearing. Mostly I will wait for a day when it is well under a 100 degrees out!


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