Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Over Committed

I thought I might spend today telling you a bit about the going on in the daily life of Brooke. Let's start with Sunday. Sunday I went with some friends to a wine tasting / Reggae concert at linganore vineyards. This was a lot of fun and I love their blueberry wine, but I don't think I have ever been that hot before. By the time I got home I had a pounding headache. (This does not bode well for this weekend)

Monday I did some cleaning and last minute shopping for camping this weekend.

Last night I went to the library to pick up some books on tape for the long drive this weekend. I then met a group of friends for dinner and a the pub quiz at rira in Bethesda. I am happy to report that Drs. Evil won. Usually it is the music round that kills us but we got half of them right last night. I never thought my knowledge of Phil Collins and Genesis would get me so far in life. Yay team!

Tonight I am going to attend my first mid-md knitty meetup. I heard about this group from Chelsea over at small hands. I am always looking for new knitting friends. Silver Spring is a little far for me because I will be coming from work but it s only once a month so what the hey. Can't wait to meet the group and see what people are knitting.

Tomorrow is my regular no-mo-co stitchnbitch meeting. I love this group. We have so much fun and we now meet every week. This is a great group of women off ages and backgrounds and knitting experience. I love getting together and chat and see what everyone is knitting. Please come join us!

Friday I am taking a half day at work and leaving to go camping in Assatague. This is a national park with wild ponies and other animals running around on a beach.
I went last year and had a blast. I love to camp. I am going with a group I am a part of called MEETinDC. They are a free social group that is about making friends. Meetin now has chapters all over the country, in fact the world. The way it works is that there is this web site and if you want to get some people to do something you post an event and anyone can sign up. Or you can sign up to go to someone else's event. It is sorta like MeetUp in that way except rather than joining a specific activity group you can find people to do anything with. So you can go camping, to the movies, dinner a museum. When you first join it is a little intimidating because you are walking into a room full of people you don't know. But everyone is super friendly and of course was in the same situation themselves not too long ago. Once you go to a couple of events you start to recognize people and make real friendships.

That being said, meetin has gotten huge. When I first joined there were under a 1,000 members and of that not to many were active. So it was like a group of friends. At most of the events I attended I would know more than half the people there. Now there are 4,500 members. It is huge. Now I mostly only go to events where I know my friends are also going to attend. Having to introduce yourself to people over and over and over gets dull after a while. But still I really recommend Meetin to anyone who just moved to a new city or is just looking for new friends and something to do.

Here is just a sample of what is going on in DC in the next few days.
07/20/2005 July Birthdays Happy Hour at Dr. Dremo's <<
07/20/2005 Texture DJs at Gazuza
07/20/2005 MiDC Races MountainBikes
07/21/2005 PENGUIN movie & dinner <<
07/21/2005 Free Concert At Fort Reno <<
07/21/2005 Full Mahjong for Dummies
07/22/2005 Full Official MiDC Camping trip, Assateague Island, MD <<
07/22/2005 Wedding Crashers in Georgetown & Drinks Before (2) <<
07/22/2005 Ghostbuster's under the moon!

Anyway I am going camping with these guys this weekend. I have been looking forward to this all summer. But now I am really worried about the heat. I just don't hold up well in the heat. Last year I wound up in the hospital for heat exhaustion after a camping trip. A nightmare I do not want to go through again. It is a little cooler today (actually the temp is higher but the humidity is down so it feels cooler) and we will be on the beach so there should be a breeze and I can get in the water. My fingers are crossed.

Sunday I will drive home and my Aunt is coming to visit. I love my aunt. I always say she is where I get my craftiness from. This of course is ridiculous because she isn't a blood relative and I guess there isn't a gene for craftiness anyway. But my mom, as much as I love her, just doesn't get it. So my aunt is coming to visit and we are going to check out some yarn shops and farms. I was really hoping to get to dancing leaf farm because I have never been. However, Dalis will be away so instead we will have to settle with Kiparoo farms (just was there a few weeks ago) and Firesong Fibers. I am excited to talk to the owners about raising sheep and making and dyeing their own yarn. I am not much of a spinner but maybe I will take the plunge once again.

Tuesday is book club and I haven't even started the book. Maybe this weekend??? I really want to read the book too.

So Busy Busy Busy. I love it though. It is all stuff I really want to do so I can't complain about it. This is one of the times where I think I love being single. I can totally pack my days doing stuff I love and not have to think about anyone else. Selfish, perhaps, but there has to be some upsides right?

Hope you are having fun too!


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Nice blog -- wasn't aware of that MeetinDC. Do you know of other knitting bloggers in the DC area .. I'd like to create a category on about knitting. Seems to have a big interest. Regards,


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