Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Some stuff I have come across

First the good stuff, I joined a knitters CD swap here. I am excited about this. I love when people make new mixes for me. It is a great chance to get exposed to new kinds of music. I figure if I come up with even three new songs from new artists it is a win for me.

Second, there is a letter writing campaign to help out Julie over at boogaj. She is the designer of the great booga bag pattern. Recently Belle Armoire published an article with a pattern for a nearly exact copy of her bag. They even wrote her before the article was published asking for her permission. She very graciously agreed to let them use it for free as long as they gave her credit. They did not do so. I think this sort of thing is terrible. Help a fellow knitter out and write a letter. (See boogJ's blog for the full story and the link to the editor's email)

After emailing with Julie and the editor of Belle Armoire I have come to the following conclusion. The bags are significantly different. Especially after reading this. However, I think the editor jumped the gun and contacedt Julie about the bag similarities, made an agreement with her, and then later talked to the author of the other pattern and came to the conclusion they were different. Does this mean that the contract with Julie is nullified? Legally I have no idea. My brother the patent attorney says the whole thing is too messy and since it doesn't involve money its not worth pursuing. (Is he a lawyer or what?) I guess in the end I think that Belle Armoire should apologize to Julie and at the very least honor their agreement to give her a free subscription.

In the end it makes me feel a lot less wary about putting up free patterns on here. As long as I never expect to profit from it, seems like all you would have to do it change the yarn, maybe cast on a little different. Maybe add a story about how you got the design idea and you can call it your own. Not very reassuring. It seems like there is very little incentive to design a pattern when so much work goes into it.


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