Tuesday, July 19, 2005

White Wonder

Today I thought I would talk about Tina. I knit Tina a few years back. My pockets were a bit empty and I went off in search of cheap yarn. I bought a pound cone of Lily 4 ply cotton. I can't remember the price now but I want to say that with a coupon it was around $10. I had no idea how it would knit up. I had this fear that I would be wearing a dishcloth around. I found the pattern for Tina for free online and already had the needles so off I went and started knitting.

So what don't you see in this picture? Well the way it is knit you start at the bottom and when you get to the arm holes you cast off a lot of stitches and then continue knitting up the middle and shape the neck. What I didn't realize until I had finished both the front and back and seamed it was that this meant that while the height of the arm holes was fine the width left me showing a lot of bra to the world. I have never had this problem with anything I knit before. (This is why patterns normally have rounded armholes instead of square ones. )

So to fix the problem I could have taken out all the side-seams and ripped out the top of both sides and re-knit the armholes. Obviously I didn't do that. What I did instead was pick up stitches around the armhole and add some knitting. Kinda a weird fix, and it did leave a noticeable join, but I could live with it. Besides it is all covered when my arms are down anyway.

All in all I am really happy with this sweater and wear it a lot. I imagine if I had knit it using the denim silk that Berroco recommended it would have come out very different. The silk would have a lovely drape to it. My Tina is pretty thick and stiff. But I like that. It hides my tummy this way.


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