Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Intarsia insmarsia

There is only one thing in knitting that I hate more than double pointed needles and that is intarsia. I only have done one major intarsia project. It was this Rowen sweater knit in like a million colors of their 4-ply cotton. The results don't look too bad in the photo, but I really should include a photo of the reverse side. I mean who are we kidding, when it comes to intarsia it is the reverse side that is critical. Well let me assure you, the reverse side is a mess!!! I tried to make is nice a smooth I really did. Those flowery type motifs are actually about 3 inches thick (ok not really, but they feel like it sometimes) I mean when you are working with that many colors, just how are you supposed to weave in all those ends and not have a total mess.

And lets not go into just how many stupid bobbins I had hanging off this thing as I made it. There was no way to stop them from becoming a tangled mess. While I did figure out how to wrap stitches at the edge to prevent holes, I never managed to get theknittingg to lay flat and not pull in. This sweater was really 3-D when I first finished it. The motifs were all puffy.

I think if I were ever crazy enough to try and knit this sweater again I would fair aisle the whole thing and just twist and carry the color along. This would also be a nightmare, but at least the sweater wouldn't be three inches thick in patches.


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