Thursday, August 11, 2005

Meet me at the Fair. . .

Meet me in Montgomery County, Meet me at the fair, I'll be with my darling knitting . . .

Anyway I am all excited because I decided to enter some stuff in the Montgomery County Fair. Crazy. I have never even been to a county fair. It is gonna be a whole new experience for me. Kunni who is one of the organizers of the Home Goods section of the fair has been pleading with NoMoCo Stitch and Bitch for years to show off our talents. Well this year I just knit so much I had to say yes. So here is what I am going to enter.

I know this first stuff isn't knitting, but I do have others talents . . .
Department 45:
Section B: Counted Thread, Cross-Stitch or Backstitch pictures (Framed)
28. Sampler mixed media (hardanger, blackwork, pulled thread, drawn work)

33. Pair of pictures, matching or coordinating set, any size

Department 47: Crocheting:
Section A: Afghans, Large
10. Medallion

I thought I already had a picture of this afghan but I guess I didn't. When I get it back I will take a photo for you.

Section D: Crocheted Garments:
6. Adult Poncho

7. Adult Shawl

Section E: Crocheted small garments

11. Scarf

Department 48: Hand Knitting
Section B: Adult Garments:
1. Cape poncho or stole

Section C: Ladies Sweaters:
5. Cardigan, all plain or all rib

14. Pullover, raised design cotton

17. Pullover, Scandinavian, yoke

Section G: Miscellaneous
1. Adult Scarf

This scarf is made out of Mexicali which is a eyelash blend. Not really my thing, and it was impossible to photograph with out is looking like a hairy tarantula leg.

2. Adult gloves or socks

3. Adult Hat

Ok so I have gone completely overboard. Whatever. Look out fair, here I come!!!


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