Friday, August 19, 2005

More CD Swap thank you's

I got another CD in the mail yesterday. This one from Lisa. It has a lot of Simon and Garfunkel and Sinead O''Conner on it. I love them. It even has 7 o'clock New / Silent Night on it which I find to be such a poignant statement about the world we live in. Sadly things haven't changed much since S&G wrote it. Thanks Lisa

On the knitting front, not much news. Lame I know. I have just been too busy to take photos and somehow me writing about knitting can't be that exciting. But I guess I will do it anyway. Tuesday I went to the Montgomery County Fair to volunteer with Kristie at the knitting demonstration table. Lots of fun. I learned that at the fair they have the best grilled cheese imaginable. I also got lots of ribbons. Yay me. (I might have already told you that but I am really excited about it) Wednesday was Knitty but I was REALLY tried and slept for 12 hours instead. (My ability to sleep for long periods is a sure since I am getting sick) Thursday was NoMoCo S&B where Mel finally joined us (I will admit I didn't make the connection between person and blog right away check out her comments to find out what an idiot I am). Tonight I am back at the fair.

I promise some better photos and progress soon.


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