Thursday, August 25, 2005

The results are in

Sorry I have been neglecting the blog lately but I got a cold and was feeling miserable. So miserable that I didn't even knit on a few nights.

anyway I wanted to let you know how fantastic the Montgomery county fair was. I had a great time volunteering at the knitting demonstration table. It was also great to look at all the things people had entered.
Here is my final tally:
Flowers of Scotland - 4th Place
Hardanger sampler - 1st
Orangina -1st
Socks - 3rd
Pink Shawl - 2nd
Scandinavian sweater - 1st
Green wrap - 1st
Scarf - Honorable mention (yes they thought it looked like a hairy tarantula too)
Hat - 5th
Purple tank - 4th
Red Poncho - 1st
Beige Shawl - 1st
Scarf - 2nd
Blue Afghan - 2nd

I should actually be getting a substantial check in the mail. Wonder what I will buy with it. I'll give you one guess.

Scenes from the fair:


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