Wednesday, August 10, 2005

WIP Update

I thought it was time to update you on some of my WIP.

Filati Tank

I have the front finished on this. I added a pattern repeat on this both lengthwise and widthwise in order to make the sweater bigger. I am not sure this was a good idea. I used a lot more yarn because of this. Not a huge deal because I can go and buy more. I also feel like this has made the front huge now. For a comparison check out the tank and compare it to the One Skein Wonder below. Both are on the same ottoman so you can judge the size. No I know the one is a shrug and the other is not. And the shrug is made for my tiny SIL. But still it looks really big. I need to do some measuring. One solution would be to make the back the regular width size. This means the basket weave pattern would be off, but at the seams so it wouldn't be too noticeable. I also kinda wonder about doing this. I mean after all my front is bigger than my back so it makes sense the garment should be too right? But you never see this done so I don't know . . .

Kiparoo Autumn Shawl

This is turning out pretty nice I think. I know it looks like a big blob here, but it isn't blocked and jammed onto the circular needle so I couldn't really spread it out. It is also striping more than I would like it to, but I am hoping that as it gets wider the repeat will change and this will stop. It is a pretty easy pattern so kinda mindless without being too boring. Although as it gets wider it is now taking forever to finish a row. Once it is blocked and has the border added I think it is gonna be great.

BTW this yarn is not red white and blue. It is kinda a rusty/brick red, a dark blue and grey in colors.

Mosaic Wedding Afghan

I know have 1.75 out of 12 squares completed. Sounds like nothing when you put it that way but I have been working hard. This pattern is hard because I really need to have the chart and pay very close attention to it. I like the effect and I think it is going to be gorgeous when it is completed, but it is gonna take a long time to finish it. I have a year to get it done and the couple in question had a very short engagement so really they didn't give me much time.


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