Thursday, September 15, 2005

Shep and Jenn's Wedding

I just had to blog about this fabulous wedding I went to on Labor Day. I love this couple and they have a wonderful group of family friends. Here is Mr. and Mrs. Shepard sharing their first kiss

The had such beautiful weather and the country club was one of the prettiest sites for a wedding I have ever been to. So far it all seems normal right? Well the craziness began when we learned what the judge who married them does in his spare time.

Yup that is him at the reception. But that was only the beginning. The wig also made an appearance:

I feel I should point out that this is not a wig the DJ gave us, but a wig that has been making the rounds for a while now.

Even the groom needed to wear the wig.

Baby Ryan felt left out so he got to wear the wig the next day. Scary, but he kinda reminds me of Gene Simmons in it.

The real highlight of the night came when all of our furry friends arrived. There is a long tradition of these guys going to weddings. Best man Mark explained it like this "We knew we their visit wouldn't be a surprise, but we thought the sheer number of them would be a shocker"

First up was a visit from Bricky (Waz) who is the mascot of the school Shep is principle of.

Next we have Spongebob (Craig):

Since both live under the sea I guess they are old friends.

Barney (Mark) made an appearance:

Followed by Big Bird:
I just had such a great time at this wedding as I am sure everyone did.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Katrina Relief

First Katrina
I haven't posted about this tragic event becasue this is really a knitting blog and I don't want to bring too much politics into it. But since the knitters have come together . . . I want to say I finally added my donation to the Give a Little knitter contribution to Katrina relief effort. I think it is neat that there is a tally being kept for the knitter contributions. My friend and I are currently working on a way to donate some handmade blankets to the relief effort. It's hard though since they don't seem to want anything but money. I just heard that some of the refugee's are being sent to the Red Cross in Rockville, MD. I am trying to figure out if there is anything I can do to welcome them and help out.

Kristie over at Breaching the Web has collected some really interesting links to blogs with timelines and quotes about the governments involvement in disaster relief. So sad to see our relief efforts fail so completely.

Ok on to knitting before I start making this a total political rant.

I haven't had much to say lately. I updated my sidebar to include stalled projects. Maybe seeing it there will make me do something about them and finish something. I really tried not to start anything new, but I was upset about something this weekend and either I was going to eat a ton of chocolate to make myself feel better or sublimate with yarn. So, I bought this amazing silk yarn a while ago from Knit Happens. It is La Luz from Fiesta Yarns in the Rainforest colorway. I bought it for use with the Starbust Scarf from Art Yarns. It is this gorgeous 100% silk yummyness.

I like how this is turning out, but the pattern is a real pain. The diamonds are made by turning the work back and forth to work each triangle. So you knit one whole diamond. Then knit the next diamond etc. Not sure if I am making sense, but all that turning gets old fast. Also I cast on too tightly at the begining so it curls at bit at the end. I am not willing to rip it out now so it is just gonna have to stay that way. I still think it is gonna be pretty. I just hope that one skein will be enough to make a decent length scarf. The yarn is wonderful, but certainly not cheap.

Monday, September 12, 2005

I've been tagged

Mel over at Knitting and me tagged me with this:

Ten years ago I was:
I had just graduated from Smith College. I think by this point I had managed to turn my boring summer internship into a 1 year temp position at SmithKline Beecham as an analytical chemist. I was filling out grad school applications and living in North Wales, PA with Kathy and Dana.

Five years ago I was:
I was in grad school (Brown University) and suffering from severe depression. I was a mess and it was a really difficult time for me. I was living on my own in East Providence, RI. This is when I got Kitty who was my anti-depression cat. I love her and she was a big help to me.

One year ago I was:
Hmm. Not much really changed between this year and last. Living alone in Gaithersburg, MD. Working for the Army as a post-doct. I guess this time last year I was just getting really into the MeetinDC thing. I think I am over it now. I haven't even looked at an event posting in ages. It was a lot of fun while I was into it and I did make some great friends.

Five snacks:

  • Anything that comes in chip form
  • Ice cream
  • Nestle treasures
  • Cheese and Crackers
  • Diet Coke

Five songs I know all the words to:

This is tough, I know all the words to a million songs, Many I really wish I could get the brain cells back from but I am going to change this to my favorite / personal theme songs

  • Miami - Counting Crows
  • American Girl - Tom Petty
  • Rockin the Suburbs - Ben Fold's
  • Cecilia - Simon and Garfunkel
  • Don't Suppose - Erasure

Five things I would do with $100 million:

This is Hilary's favorite game. We played it all through Shep and Jen's wedding. $100 is great because it is huge money even after taxes.

  • Go to spa (fat farm) for a month and collect thoughts and get in shape
  • Pay off all my debts
  • Give $10,000 each to family and friends
  • Set up scholarship / trust fun for nephew and best friend's baby
  • Quit job and open yarn store

Five places to run away to:

  • Why am I running away? If it is really bad I would go to my parents
  • Am I going somewhere fun? London and Edinburgh
  • Dream vacation? Alaska
  • Just for the weekend? To Lewes, DE to hang out with Kris
  • If I had a guy to run away with? St. Martin

Five things I would never wear:

Tough, I kinda wear anything . . .

  • Lizard or animal prints
  • Anything religious
  • A shrug - so unflattering on someone my size
  • Fake nails (I don't know if that counts as wearing)
  • Yellow or orange. I think I look awful in all shades

Five favorite TV shows:

I watch an enormous amount of TV so I am going to split this into still on air and off the air

Off air now:

  • Coupling
  • Twin Peaks
  • Sex in the City
  • Seignfield
  • Gidget

Still on Air:

  • Monk
  • Inuyasha
  • Mystery!
  • CSI
  • Scrubs

Five biggest joys:

  • Being praised. I love being told I did good.
  • Starting a new knitting project
  • Hanging out with my best friend and her baby
  • Laughing with friends
  • Eating a really good meal

Five favorite toys:

  • Knitting
  • DVR (Comcast's version of Tivo)
  • My car
  • My digital camera
  • CD burner

Five people to pass this on to:

I am not really sure how this is supposed to work and I don't really like chain letters. So I am gonna post the names of some blogger that I read and if they read this an want to join in, I would love to learn more about them.

Kristie at Breaching the Web

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