Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'm so excited!

I literally wait all year for it to be the first weekend in May. Yes, of course I am talking about the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I am going to the festival on both days this year. Hooray! I posted an entry on my knitting groups web site listing some tips in case you are interested. It is just some advice and things I have learned over the years. The one I almost forgot to add was the importance of having a calculator. I am always trying to figure out gauge and yardage and price. Indispensable.

On a sad note, I ripped out 80% of my Green Gable last night. I was in the home stretch and tried it on. It was huge. I debated for a while as to which was more important, having it finished for sheep and wool, or having it fit the way I want. Practically prevailed. Sheep and wool is only one day but the sweater will be worn a lot IF it fits right. So I ripped and ripped and ripped. The sleeves were huge too so I took out a couple of inches of the "with sleeves" part out as well.

I think I have it to a better bust size. I thought about using short rows at the bust but decided against it because of the sleeves. So I think I am just going to add more decreases after the bust to nip it in at the waist. Boobs and knitting are such a pain. Either the fabric is all stretched at the boobs or it is too loose at the waist. I know I know short rows. . .