Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More Knitting from the Fair

The fact is I have been kitting all year. I just haven't been good about detailing things here. But here is some photos of the rest of the things I entered in the fair. Pink Shell

Purple Felt Bag

Kitty and Socks
Not the best photo, but Kitty just had to get in the action.

Charlotte's Web

Sewn Tote
It's not knitting, and it's not very well made but I love it. I am still just learning to sew and I think it is a good first effort.


Felted Blue Bag

Dibs on RibsDibs on Ribs

Blue Ridge RaglanClose up of Blue Ridge Raglan

The Montgomery County Fair

I was first introduced to the fair last summer. I had been to a couple of state fairs when I was younger, but this was a new experience for me. A member of my knitting group helps run the home arts section of the fair and wanted us not only to enter things in the competition, but also to volunteer at the fair to act as guides and do “demonstration knitting.” She stressed that they wanted entries both good and bad. Even if you thought something wasn’t your best effort, enter it. That way maybe someone else would see it, think they could make something as good or better and maybe they would enter the next year. So I downloaded the fair catalog, entered some stuff and my obsession began.

The MoCo Fair is divided into two parts: the fair, and the carnival. Don’t mix the two up. Both are on the fair grounds, but the fair has real farm animals raised by kids in 4H
the carnival has freak show with a two headed cat.

I don’t raise any animals that can be entered at the fair (apparently Kitty does count) and so I entered my knitting instead. This year I won a grand champion badge WooHoo!
Mo Co Fair 2006
for best men’s sweater
I also won The William F. Smith Award for the Best Entry Men’s Sleeveless Sweater
Dad's Vest
Both are sweaters I made for my father.

All told I won 5 first place ribbons, 6 second place ribbons and 2 fourth place ones. Yay!

Here is my sweater on display and my friend’s champion shawl is there too.
Mo Co Fair 2006
Here we are knitting at the fair. Yes that is the lovely Laura sitting next to me. BTW I need to thank Laura for the fair photos. As per usual with me, I brought my camera, but didn’t take many pictures.